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malo de widerspach

Hey, my name is Malo de Widerspach, I am a designer, creative developer and student at ENSCI–Les Ateliers. My work revolves mainly around the creative interaction between humans and their machines. Drawing is not the only way to think about a shape, an object, a project, and my practice involves other tools that often result from an algorithmic logic shaped by my code practice. I make projects at the crossroads of digital media, musical experiments and product design. I create websites (like this one) and I like to experiment with digital and physical technologies like virtual reality, blockchain and electronics. I play and build modular synthesizers and in general, music has a strong influence on my work.

Find me on Instagram, GitHub and Soundcloud. Get in touch at

What am I doing these days?

  1. working on a thesis about generative systems
  2. pursuing the Paléoscope project with Université Paris Saclay and Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
  3. making websites as a freelance UI designer and developer
  4. building and playing a modular synthesizer
  5. bouldering in Fontaineblau when I can